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BSPonMPI transforms a BSP program into an MPI program. Therefore in addition to linking this library to your program, you should use your standard MPI tools to compile and run it.


Example: Suppose on Unix your MPI compiler is 'mpicc' and you want to compile your program example.c, you should execute
mpicc -o example example.c -lbsponmpi
If you have to link your MPI programs to e.g. to the library 'mpi', execute
cc -o example example.c -lmpi -lbsponmpi
Sometimes it matters in which order you pass your libraries to the linker. So if it doesn't work, try reordering the linker/compiler arguments.


After compilation your program is an MPI program. Run it using the command you always use to run MPI programs (or consult your system administrator).
Example: mpirun -np 4 example
Runs the 'example' program on 4 processors when you use the MPICH library.

Note: BSPonMPI implements BSPlib for the most part. There is one deviation of the standard: A call to bsp_init() is mandatory. BSPonMPI warns you when your program does not call bsp_init()


BSPonMPI 0.2

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BSPonMPI 0.1

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