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BSPonMPI version 0.2 released

-> better performance, predictable
The last few months I was bit occupied with other important things, such as enjoying the sun and rowing in my boat. But now I am used to the nice weather and am able again to concentrate on stuff that really matters: BSPonMPI. The only thing what has been changed, is the main data structure. This resulted in a big performance increase. I took the liberty of comparing BSPonMPI against the Oxford BSP Toolset and PUB and I am very tempted indeed to conclude that BSPonMPI is faster than both its competitors. However there are situations where PUB or the Oxford BSP Toolset are faster.

BSPonMPI 0.2 can be downloaded from this location

BSPonMPI version 0.1 released

I am proud to present the first release of BSPonMPI. This software library implements the BSPlib standard on top of MPI. Main features are:

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