BSPonMPI Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_BSPObjectGlobal variables used in bsp.c
_ExpandableTableTable with nprocs number columns and rows number of rows, where each row has a height of slot_size bytes
_VarSzInfoData structure for additional info in a VarSizeElement
DelivInfoAdditional data for a DeliveryTable
MemRegInfoAdditional data needed by a MemoryRegister object
MesgQInfoAdditional data needed by a MessageQueue object
PopRegObjectAdditional info for a bsp_pop_Reg()
PushRegObjectAdditional info for a bsp_push_reg()
PutObjectAdditional info for a bsp_put()
ReqElementData element stored in a RequestTable object
SendObjectAdditional info for a bsp_send()
SetTagObjectAdditional info for a bsp_set_tagsize()
SpecInfoDatastructure storing specific info
VarSizeElementData element stored in a VarElSizeTable (e.g

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