bsp_delivtable.c File Reference

Implements the methods on a DeliveryTable object. More...

#include "bsp_exptable.h"
#include "bsp_memreg.h"
#include "bsp_mesgqueue.h"

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static void exec_put (const VarSizeElement element, const char *restrict offset)
void deliveryTable_execute (ExpandableTable *restrict table, ExpandableTable *restrict memreg, ExpandableTable *restrict mesgq)
 Executes a DeliveryTable object, i.e.

Detailed Description

Implements the methods on a DeliveryTable object.

Wijnand Suijlen

Definition in file bsp_delivtable.c.

Function Documentation

void deliveryTable_execute ExpandableTable *restrict  table,
ExpandableTable *restrict  memreg,
ExpandableTable *restrict  mesgq

Executes a DeliveryTable object, i.e.

: performs all the actions to be taken when a DeliveryTable is received

table Reference to a DeliveryTable
memreg Reference to a MemoryRegister
mesgq Reference to a MessageQueue

Definition at line 61 of file bsp_delivtable.c.

References bsp_intern_abort(), ERR_GET_DELIVERED, exec_put(), get, memoryRegister_pop(), memoryRegister_push(), messageQueue_push(), messageQueue_setTagSize(), popreg, pushreg, put, send, and settag.

Referenced by bsp_sync().

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static void exec_put const VarSizeElement  element,
const char *restrict  offset
[inline, static]

Definition at line 38 of file bsp_delivtable.c.

References VarSizeElement::info, PutObject::item_count, PutObject::item_size, and _VarSzInfo::put.

Referenced by deliveryTable_execute().

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