bsp_reqtable.c File Reference

Implement the 'execute' method on a RequestTable. More...

#include "bsp_reqtable.h"
#include "bsp_alloc.h"
#include "bsp_delivtable.h"

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void requestTable_execute (const ExpandableTable *restrict table, ExpandableTable *restrict deliv)
 Executes the data requests.

Detailed Description

Implement the 'execute' method on a RequestTable.

Wijnand Suijlen

Definition in file bsp_reqtable.c.

Function Documentation

void requestTable_execute const ExpandableTable *restrict  table,
ExpandableTable *restrict  deliv

Executes the data requests.

Reads all data requests and translates them in data delivery: bsp_put()

table Reference to RequestTable
deliv Reference to DeliveryTable

Definition at line 44 of file bsp_reqtable.c.

References deliveryTable_push(), PutObject::dst, DelivElement::info, put, _DInfo::put, restrict, and DelivElement::size.

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