BSPonMPI File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
bsp.c [code]Implements the BSPlib primitives
bsp.h [code]Defines the BSPlib prototypes
bsp_abort.c [code]Implements the internal abort function: bsp_intern_abort()
bsp_abort.h [code]Defines the prototype of an `abort' function for internal usage: bsp_intern_abort()
bsp_alloc.h [code]Wrapper functions for malloc(), calloc() and free()
bsp_delivtable.c [code]Implements the methods on a DeliveryTable object
bsp_delivtable.h [code]Defines the prototypes of the methods on a DeliveryTable object
bsp_exptable.c [code]Implements the communication method on an ExpandableTable
bsp_exptable.h [code]Defines struct's, prototypes and inlined functions of the ExpandableTable and FixedElSizeTable 'classes' and some struct's of DeliveryTable, RequestTable and MemoryRegister
bsp_memreg.c [code]Implements methods on MemoryRegister
bsp_memreg.h [code]Defines prototypes of methods on MemoryRegister
bsp_mesgqueue.h [code]Defines methods on MessageQueue
bsp_private.h [code]Global variable which should not be available to the outside world
bsp_reqtable.c [code]Implement the 'execute' method on a RequestTable
bsp_reqtable.h [code]Defines prototypes and implementations of methods on RequestTable

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